So you’re stuck.

Stuck figuring out your next step, stuck worrying about whether your last step was the right step, stuck because what you thought you wanted was NOT all it was cracked up to be and now you feel like all the time, money, and energy you’ve invested means you have to keep doing this…forever.

Yup, stuck.


Here’s the truth: it’s not you.

YOU are smart, strong, capable…and fairly good looking. If you’re stuck, it’s about your plan or how you’re working your plan. 

That’s OK – we can work with that.

First of all, take a deep breath.  One of the hardest things you face is trying to figure this all out on your own.  We can help.  We have over 20 years of experience working with committed, successful, passionate people like you. We’ve worked with leaders in all kinds of sectors: entrepreneurs, first nations, government, industry, non-profits. And over the years, we’ve developed a pretty amazing tool-kit.


So how does this work?


You need to have a phone (or skype or facetime or Google hangouts so we can chat remotely). We can also do this face-to-face if you want to come to our lovely little town in British Columbia, Canada.  But you don’t need to.

The first time we meet (perhaps virtually) we will help you get crystal clear on what’s important to you and what exactly is holding you back.

After that we’ll decide what you want to do next and if working with us is going to get you un-stuck.  You’ll see if you like our style and we’ll see if you’re the kind of passionate, committed leader that we know will lean in to those tough questions and get results.


So what’s this going to cost?


Here’s the cost – you have to give us an hour of your time without interruptions.  This is the hard part. 

You’ll also have to pay a fee for the session but usually that’s easier than making the time.  In order to actually begin the process of getting un-stuck, you will need to book off the time, close your door, shut down your email, turn off your cell phone (unless that’s how we’re talking) and tell your staff and your family that they may not interrupt you unless something is actually on fire (and even then they should call the fire department first).  Here’s our promise to you. We will give you our uninterrupted attention too. 

The fee.



So here’s a critical question.

Is getting unstuck a priority for you?

If you’re still saying that you don’t have the time.  Or it’s too expensive.  Or you’re too tired and stretched too thin…it’s NOT a priority.  We can always find the time, money, and energy for something that’s important to us.  And you know what? That’s OK.  If getting unstuck is NOT a priority, Own That.  Do your next step and come back to this page when it IS a priority. No judgement!

But if you know you ‘re ready, do yourself a favor and ask for a bit of help.  Great leaders do it all the time.